1. For all official WKF competitions the panel of seven Judges for each round will be designated by designated by random selection deploying a computer program.

2. For each mat, one Judge is designated as the Chief Judge and will assume the lead in conducting any required communication with the Software technician and handle any unanticipated issue among the Judges.

3. Judges-deployment and panel allocation for the eliminatory rounds: The RC Secretary will facilitate to the Software technician handling the electronic drawing system a list containing the Judges available per tatami. This list is done by the RC Secretary once the Competitors draw is finished and at the end of the Referees’ briefing. This list must only contain Judges present at the briefing and must comply with the above-mentioned criteria. Then for the Judges’ draw the Software Technician will enter the list in the system and seven Judges out of each tatami deployment will be randomly selected as judging panel allocated for each performance.

For medal bouts the Tatami Managers will provide the RC Chairman and the RC Secretary with a list containing available officials from their own tatami after the last bout of the eliminatory round is finished. Once the list is approved by the RC Chairman, it will be given to the Software Technician for it to be entered into the system.

The system will then randomly allocate the Judging panel, which will only contain the 7 officials for each tatami.

4. In addition to the Software Technician, and the Announcer of results — for team competitions, the panel for medal rounds are also assisted by a Time Keeper keeping track of the maximum performance time.

5. As found expedient, the Announcer and the Software Technician operating the electronic judging system may be the same person.

6. Furthermore, the organizers have to provide Runners for each competition area familiar with the WKF kata list to collect and record the chosen kata of the Competitors before each round and bring the listing to the Software technician. The Tatami Manager is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Runner(s).

7. For competitions not counting for WKF ranking, the number of Judges per panel may be reduced to five. In such instances, only the highest and lowest score is eliminated from the total.


I. All Judges and the Software Technician are placed in line in front of the official table, preferably behind a single table.

II. The Chief Judge will sit closest to the Software Technician whom will sit at the far end of the table.