Rehearsal weighing

Competitors shall be allowed to check their weight on the official weigh-in scales (that will be used for the official weigh-in) from one hour before the official weigh-in commences. There is no limit to the numbers of times each Competitor may check his weight during the time of the unofficial weigh in.

Official weighing

The weight control will take place always in only one place. The possibilities to host this control are the competition venue, the official hotel or the village (TBC for each event). Organizers must provide separate rooms for men and women.

The host NF should provide enough calibrated electronic scales (at least 4 units) showing only one decimal place i.e. 51.9 Kg, 154.6 kg. The scale should be placed on a solid floor that is not carpeted.

Weigh-in must take place at the latest the day before the day of competition for the category, unless specified otherwise for a specific competition. The official weigh-in time for WKF events will be duly announced on the bulletin. For any other events this information will be distributed in advance through the OC communication channels. It is responsibility of the Competitor to be aware of this information. A Competitor that does not turn up for the weigh-in period, or fails to weigh within the prescribed limits for the category in which the Competitor is registered, will be disqualified (KIKEN).

The tolerance admitted for any category is 0,200 kg.

A minimum of two WKF officials are required at the weigh-in for each gender. One to check the accreditation/passport of the Competitor and one to record the exact weight on the official weigh-in list. An additional six staff members (official/volunteers) supplied by the host NF should also be available to control the flow of Competitors. Twelve chairs should be supplied. To protect the privacy of the Competitors, officials as well as the staff members supervising the weigh-in, must be of the same gender as the Competitors.

1. The official weigh-in will be done category by category and Competitor by Competitor.
2. All Coaches and other team delegates must leave the weigh-in room before the start of the official weigh-in.
3. The Competitor is allowed to stand on the scales only once during the official weigh-in period.
4. Each Competitor shall bring to the weigh-in their accreditation card issued for the event and shall present it to the official, who will verify the identity of the Competitor.
5. The official then invites the Competitor to stand on the scales.
6. The Competitor shall weigh-in wearing only underclothing (men/boys – underpants, women/girls – underpants and bra). Any socks or additional complements must be removed.
7. The Competitors are allowed to remove their underclothing – without stepping off the scales – to ensure they reach the minimum or the maximum weight limit of the weight category in which they are entered.
8. The official supervising the weigh-in shall note and record the Competitor’s weight in kilograms (accurate to one decimal point of a kilogram)
9. The Competitor steps off the scales.

NOTE: Photography or filming is not permitted in the weigh-in area. This includes the use of mobile phones and all other devices.