1. Kata competition takes the form of Team and Individual bouts. Team matches consist of competition between three person teams. Each Team is exclusively male, or exclusively female. The Individual Kata bout consists of individual performance in separate male and female

2. The elimination system with repechage will be applied unless otherwise specifically determined for a competition. Where a round-robin system is used it is to follow the structure described in APPENDIX 14.

3. Slight variations as taught by the contestant’s style (Ryu-ha) of Karate will be permitted.

4. The score table will be notified of the choice of Kata prior to each round.

5. Contestants must perform a different Kata in each round. Once performed a Kata may not be repeated.

6. In the event that a competitor withdraws after the opponent has started his performance the competitor may re-use the kata performed in any subsequent round as this situation is considered as won by Kiken.

7. Individual contestants or teams that do not present themselves when called will be disqualified (KIKEN) from that category. Disqualification by KIKEN means that the contestants are disqualified from that category, although it does not affect participation in another category.

8. In the bouts for medals of Team Kata Competition, the Teams will perform their chosen Kata in the usual way. They will then perform a demonstration of the meaning of the Kata (BUNKAI). The total time allowed for the KATA & BUNKAI demonstration combined, is six minutes. The official timekeeper will start the countdown clock as the team members perform the bow upon starting the kata and will stop the clock at the final bow after the BUNKAI performance. A team which does not perform the bow at the beginning and completion of the performance, or which exceeds the six minute period allowed will be disqualified. The use of traditional weapons, ancillary equipment or additional apparel is not allowed.


1. The number of Kata required is dependent on the number of individual competitors or teams entered as shown in the following table. Byes are counted as competitors or teams.

Competitors or TeamsKata Required